Rehearsal Room Details

Our fabulous rehearsal room is fully equipped and designed to accommodate up to seven people and all your equipment and encourage you to learn and perform your songs to the highest standard.

Rehearsal Room PA

The room has two JBL PRX 612 PA speakers, which sound great for vocals, piano and acoustic guitars. The desk we use for the practice room is a Presonus Studio-Live 12 channel mixer with high quality ‘built in reverb and delay’. We can accommodate up to 6 vocalists with Sure SM 58 microphones and boom stands.

Musical Equipment

We have a Gretsch 5 piece Fusion drum kit with Remo pinstripe heads, placed on our wooden floor giving the drums a fabulous natural and live feel. We also offer a range of guitar amps including Hardwired Vox AC30, Fender Texan Blues Deluxe, Marshall Vintage Modern and a 2 x 12 Zilla Fat Boy Cab with two Celestial Cream-backs and also a Ashdown 150watt Bass Amp. As well as all these pieces of equipment, we can offer you use of our effects pedals for guitar, Di’s for keys and acoustic guitars and also our TC Helion Vocal Processor.


The room is a acoustically tuned ‘Recording Live Room’, therefore the outcome for your sound in a rehearsal state is one of the highest quality and creates a great atmosphere for your band whilst rehearsing, improving your quality of performance.

Booking the Rehearsal Room

If you would like to book the Rehearsal Room, please book through the ‘Book Services’ blue icon above with your list of requirements so we can have everything setup and ready for when you arrive. We will then email you back with the conformation of your booking.
We offer a discount from the listed price found on the rates icon for Students, under 16's and for any block bookings.

Rehearsal Room Rates

Per Hour


Including all equipment

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