Cabin Recording Studio

Analogue Sound Meet's Digital Usability and Efficiency!

Here at Cabin we are obsessed with the traditional analog sound from the 50's through the 90's from Artists like Elvis Presley, Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, Nirvana & many more! That passion we feel has been built into the studio, into the equipment we have chosen very carefully to give your recordings that sound & vibe whilst having the ability to keep up with modern recordings practices & techniques Using Pro Tools HD DAW software.

Our Allen & Heath Valve GSR24M lies at the heart of our studio, setting the groundwork for the sound scape we begin to create through your recording process. The valve sound mixed with a very warm and dynamic EQ and preamp make for a great start on your files.

The sound then travels through our 2 Universal Audio Apollo 2 Thunderbolts, with the ability to record up to 192kbps! Coupelled with the unision preamp technology from UA, we are able to build a make shift digital console using some of the best hardware emulated plug ins on the market! How about your Snare channel recorded through a Studer A800 tape machine, from a API channel strip with an 1176 compresso through a AKG 414? & at the same time your overheads through a Neve 1073 preamp with A studer A800 & a Neve 2254 Stereo Compressor?

No other console in the world could give you this depth and quality of sound in one box, thats why we chose Universal Audio as our main companion with Pro Tools HD

Control Room

Our Control Room is filled with some of the best equipment in the world! A&H GSR24M console - > Universal Audio Apollo 2 Thunderbolts - > Mac Pro Late 2015 - > Pro Tools HD! An amazing signal flow not found in many professional studios let alone home purpose built recording studio's! As well as the plug ins we also have some great hardware units available in the flesh! (Well components) including 2 Neve 1073 preamps, 2 Universal Audio 610 tube preamps & 3 Universal Audio 1176 compressors, all using during the mixing & mastering process to add some bite and flavour to your recordings! Monitoring is covers through a pair of Adam A77x's some of the best studio monitors in the world currently! Extensive thought design and work has been put into the studio ensure that the acoustics are perfect for recording mixing and mastering. We have had a custom studio oak unit designed and made for the mixer, studio monitors and all other audio equipment. The setup not only looks fantastic but is an excellent station for the studio engineer to work from. During recording we like to have as much feedback with the artist’s as possible, so we have had a large soundproof glass viewing panel installed in the control room through to the live room.

Vocal Booth

The dedicated vocal booth is designed to hold up to two people and has been acoustically designed to create a balanced vocal sound with little need for processing after recording, unless you want the Dave Grohl vocal sound? It was constructed with the best soundproof materials available to make it completely isolated from outside noise. We can have a complete band recording in the live room and the vocals recorded in the vocal booth live without any noise bleed issues. The inside of the vocal booth has black custom made acoustic panels that have been designed to tune the booth perfectly for vocal recording. There is also a heavy duty studio grade microphone stand to house the vast amount of microphones we have to offer. The inside of the booth is light in colour and has an oak soundproof door as well as glass panel to ensure the artist feels comfortable in the environment. All has been done to create a nice atmosphere for the vocalists in the booth ensuring that perfect take is easy to come by.

Live Room

Our fully heated live room is big enough to accommodate up to a 6 piece band and has been acoustically designed and constructed for the perfect live room feel and sound. The room has a number of custom made acoustic sound diffusers and bass trap panels installed and an oak wooden floor to create a fabulous live room sound for recording. There is also a large acoustic soundproof twin double glazed glass panel for viewing into the control room for feedback with the recording engineer Dominic. When you choose Cabin Recordings you don't just receive a great recording experience, you are also welcomed to use our equipment recruit through 'GAS' (Gear acquisition Syndrome) including some of the best equipment the world has to offer! How about a handmade Pork Pie Zebra Wood drum kit imported from America? DW Collector Series Snare? 4 Variations of Fender Valve Amps? All modded with different speakers and tubes for completely different sound unheard of before? Guitar pedals? Just ask we have over 50! Gibson VOS 63 Reissue 335, Gretsch White Falcon? Fender Deluxe Telecaster? 90's Maple Neck Strat? and what about a 30 year old Gibson J200 Super Jumbo Acoustic Guitar! Not even to mention our massive selection of Microphone's available! A full equipment list can be seen here.....

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