Cabin provides a Voice over Recording & Editing service in a dedicated purpose built vocal booth or larger live room. We have a lot of experience with 'Voice Over work and dialogue replacement' working with some of the biggest names in Britain on projects including Wimbledone and The FA Cup. Some of our clients have included ITV Studio's, BBC Studio's & the RSC Stratford-upon-avon.

We use only the best equipment, item's you will find in any high-end broadcast studio in the world! Starting from our microphones which include Neumann U87's , AKG C414XLII, Shure SM7B's just to name a few. With a variety of different preamps and equipment to suite any voice and style, we are able to repicate accurate vocal production to the clients content.

Cabin offer's a professional & speedy service at an affordable rate to make the life of our clients easier. Being less than 1 mile away from the RSC theatre located in Stratford upon avon, and a short 10 minute car journey from the main train station, we are able to cater to clients from any location in the country being easily accessible within Stratford upon avon.


Here is some of our great equipment at Cabin Recordings. We choose only the very best items to ensure we can cover every basis with the hgihest quality. AKG 414 for clean and transaparent spoken word, or our valve U67 to add a darker edge for a more emmersive sound. Or the industry standard Neumann U87 just for that iconic sound! All powered and run through our 192kHz capable Apollo 2 thunderbolt AD/DA converters giving one of the cleanet sounds available in the recording industry!

Previous Clients

Here at Cabin, we have already worked with some amazing clients and people including the likes of David Bradley & Sue Barker! Working on seperate projects with these two amazing people. We cater for any level of experience at Cabin offering advice and our professional opinion completelfy through the recording process. Working with the likes of the BBC & ITV we have a great weatlth of experience working at the highest level, and achieving the greatest results.

Vocal Booth

We have vocal recording room's available at Cabin. Here is our acoustically designed & treated vocal booth. We have designed this room to be completely sound proof, whilst remaining as flat as possible across the frequency spectrum to ensure no frequencies jump out prominently in the recording that shouldn't be there which is often the case with a lot of room's used to record in. We have used the finest materials available in acoustic treatment and construction to ensure that every aspect of this room is under control and able to replicated recorded speech as intended and accurately.

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